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Modern and spacious facilities 


In recent years, TNUE has focused on investing in modern facilities for training, scientific research and teacher fostering. The university always creates the most favorable conditions for learners to have a good and modern learning environment in order to meet the social needs.


TNUE’s residential area consists of 9 buildings from 3 to 5 floors with more than 500 rooms equipped with toilet facilities, air conditioning, heating, ceiling fans, Internet access, and adequate electricity and water supply to meet the accommodation needs for more than 3,000 students, graduate students, post-graduate students and international students. In the residential area’s campus, there is a 2-storey, clean and spacious restaurant facility including food and drink services and other essential services, ensuring the highest levels of food hygiene and safety for all staff and students. The university always cares about serving and well-organizing the material and spiritual life for boarding students, with safe buildings, which are clean, beautiful and highly civilized residences.





TNUE's Library and Information Center is in a 5-storey building located on the campus with an area of ​​nearly 3000 square meters, supplying nearly 1000 seats for study and research. In 2019, TNUE invested in a modern e-library with a rich database of publications, meeting the increasing needs of academic and scientific research of staff, lecturers and students of all levels in the university. The library space is cool, comfortable, and friendly to inspire readers. The library includes reading rooms, presentation rooms, seminar rooms, conference rooms, and shared study spaces. In addition, there is also a space for information services including information counters, new document display area, computer use area, quick access points, automatic borrowing and returning books points. The space for special products and services includes the traditional display area, the University's scientific product display area, and the librarians' workspace. The learning space includes meeting places, a coffee area, a reading area and an entertainment area.





TNUE's Pedagogical Skills Development Center is located in a 9-storey building in an independent area of ​​the University, this is one of the University's modern buildings with well-equipped facilities that meet the requirements of pedagogical skills and teacher training. The facilities of the center are suitable for organizing activities to develop pedagogical skills for students, activities for fostering teachers and administrators at educational institutions and organizing conferences and seminars on developing pedagogical skills.



TNUE’s classroom system is arranged on 4, 5-storey buildings with up to 120 classrooms. The classrooms are fully equipped with basic teaching facilities such as projectors and Internet access systems. There are also interactive boards, multi-object projectors, cameras, teaching aids, handwritten slip boards and WiFi access points in some classrooms for teaching and learning.



TNUE has a system of practice and experimentation rooms to support the training and fostering of teachers and scientific research. Currently, the University has 37 practice and experimentation rooms in the field of natural sciences arranged at the laboratory and B3 lecture hall with a wastewater treatment system to ensure safety and environmental hygiene.


Computer rooms for foreign language and informatics practice with 521 computers have supported training well. The rooms for music, painting and dance practice include a full range of basic musical instruments, projectors, easels and other equipment for the art subjects.

The sports system includes stadiums, swimming pools, multi-purpose gymnasiums fully equipped for training activities, scientific research, teacher training, and physical practice for all staff and for the organization of sports competitions.