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Rich and advanced training program 


With the goal of implementing the mission of "Training and fostering a contingent of high-quality teachers and educational administrators, being a center for scientific and technological research and application, and also a place for serving education-training career and socio-economic development within Vietnam, especially in the Northern Midlands and Mountainous areas," for many years, TNUE has constantly renewed training and fostering programs to keep up with the qualifications of leading universities in the country, the region and in the rest of the world in order to train high-quality human resources.

The training and fostering programs are built and developed flexibly, and in accordance with the current regulations specified by the Ministry of Education and Training, for TNU to meet the needs of learners, the requirements of society and also attached to this mission, the strategic vision and goals of the University. These programs help graduates easily integrate into the work environment and so become highly appreciated by their employers.

As mentioned earlier, TNUE is in the process of deploying 13 Doctoral training programs, 26 Masters training programs, 20 full-time graduate training programs, 14 part-time graduate  training programs and 6 fostering programs. TNUE is also organizing a second university training program for the students of TNUE and students of member universities of TNU. This form of training helps students gain the opportunity to change disciplines, to find better jobs after graduation or to enable easier career mobility. Especially, in order to improve the quality of training to meet international integration, TNUE also organizes specialized training programs in English for this purpose.

The training programs of the University are regularly updated and adjusted on the basis of comparison with the curricula of key universities of education within the country and of prestigious overseas universities such as in Japan, Korea, Australia, Taiwan and other countries. In the process of updating and adjusting the curriculum, TNUE organized a conference to collect stakeholders' opinions on learning outcomes with the participation of many delegates from related parties such as representatives of the Ministry of Education and Training, the employers who are the leaders of the Department of Education and Training from the localities, the leaders of schools, preschools, centers, educational scientists, education experts and alumni. Based on the feedback of students, learners and stakeholders, the University considers and looks to reviewing, updating and adjusting the curriculum to suit these practices.

TNUE's training programs have completed a self-assessment exercise according to the standards of the Ministry of Education and Training. Currently, the University has 7 training programs that have performed well in this external assessment and are sufficiently well rated for the quality of education and training, including in the areas of Mathematics Pedagogy, Physics Pedagogy, Chemistry Pedagogy, Biology Pedagogy, Philology Pedagogy, History Pedagogy and Preschool Education. The training programs of Mathematics Pedagogy and Chemistry Pedagogy are in the process of completing documentation for external evaluation according to international standards (AUN).

With a rich, advanced, regularly updated and adjusted system of training programs, the quality of teacher training at TNUE-TNU has been improved day by day. TNUE is a reliable place for teachers and educational administrators training for the Northern Midlands and Mountains provinces.