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A leading educational institution for training, scientific research and fostering 


Thai Nguyen University of Education - Thai Nguyen University (TNUE- TNU) is a leading higher educational institution in training and fostering a contingent of high quality teachers and educational administrators.  It is a famous centre for educational research and the application of science and technology, and a place that serves the education-training career and socio-economic development of Vietnam. Over the past nearly 60 years of growth and development, the University has made great contributions to the country’s education-training careers service, especially in the Northern Midlands and Mountainous areas.

By 2030, TNUE-TNU is striving to become the leading university in the country, while keeping pace with the universities of education throughout Southeast Asia and match speed with the trends in international integration. The university strives to create and provide a professional learning and scientific research environment to ensure that graduate students, especially ethnic minorities, have a broad, specialized and qualified educational background and knowledge, to compete and adapt to the changing educational contexts in Vietnam and Southeast Asia. As a result, the university will gradually catch up with and integrate with top universities in the region and in rest of the world.


The university is in the process of implementing 13 Doctoral training programs, 26 Masters training programs, 20 full-time graduate student training programs, 14 part-time graduate student training programs and 6 development programs. The establishment has up to now, trained hundreds of thousands of highly qualified teachers and administrators to meet the needs of developing a contingent of teachers and administrators throughout the country. The quality of training courses has been constantly improved, with investment, improvement and completion of modern facilities and equipment for training and fostering activities in order to improve the qualifications of teaching staff. The university always focuses on developing training programs to meet the needs of the learners, the labor market, the requirements of society and international integration. Every year, the University's students always win high prizes in scientific research and the student Olympic competitions. More than 90% of graduates get jobs and their professional qualifications and skills have been highly appreciated by employers.


Training activities are also one of the university’s strengths. This includes lecturers with high professional qualifications and experience, an excellent teaching and learning environment including modern and spacious facilities and equipment. The University has been assigned by the Ministry of Education and Training to carry out fostering activities to meet the requirements of human resource development, especially for the Northern Midlands region. In recent years, the University's training and fostering activities have increasingly been organized flexibly and professionally with the aim of modernization (since the 2018 academic year, the University has also implemented some on-line training and fostering courses). Currently, the University is implementing fostering tasks such as pedagogical skills for university and college lecturers, education management skills, professional title standards at all levels, Vietnamese for foreigners, developing advisory capacity for high school teachers to carry out consultation for students.


In scientific research, the University has made great contributions to solving urgent problems related to socio-economic development, education and training. University staff have participated in dozens of important national scientific research topics and have implemented hundreds of Ministry and University scientific research projects. The University's staff and lecturers have published hundreds of articles in prestigious international journals in the ISI system. Alongside lecturers’ scientific research activities, students’ scientific research activities are always recognized and invested in by the University. Every year, the University's students win high rankings in the national science research award for students.


Currently, the University has cooperative relations with many universities and many international organizations in the world such as Japan, the United States, Germany, Australia, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Korea, Belgium, Thailand, China, Taiwan, Laos and Cambodia. The university has signed many memorandums of understanding and cooperation agreements, and has sent hundreds turns of staff to go to practice science, exchange professional knowledge and expertise abroad. At the same time, the university has attracted dozens of foreign teachers to volunteer to teach for the students.


Over the past years, with the increasing prestige and training quality of the University, TNUE has been confirmed as one of the universities that have an important position in the development of education in Vietnam, and is the key university for training teachers and educational administrators in the Northern Midland and Mountainous provinces.