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The quality of the University through accreditation and looking to the future 


The mission of TNUE is to be a leading university of education in training and fostering a contingent of high-quality teachers and educational administrators, and to be a famous center for research and the application of science and technology in education. Therefore, TNUE always considers Education Quality Accreditation as one of the important measures to maintain quality standards and continuously improves teaching quality to meet the needs of learners and society.

TNUE-TNU has always been a pioneer in the quality accreditation of the University and training programs. The quality of the accreditation results have shown the University to be in the top position for quality. TNUE commits to, and simultaneously implements many solutions to continue maintaining and improving quality towards the vision that by 2030, TNUE will be the leading key university in the country, and will create and provide a professional learning and educational scientific research environment to ensure graduate students, especially ethnic minorities, have a broad, specialized and qualified educational background, and the knowledge to compete and adapt to the changing educational contexts in Vietnam and Southeast Asia.

In 2017, TNUE was successfully accredited, and met the quality standards of education issued by the Ministry of Education and Training.



In 2019, TNUE’s 7 training programs were also successfully accredited, and once again met the quality standards of education issued by the Ministry of Education and Training.




CTĐT Sư Phạm Ngữ Văn


CTĐT Sư Phạm Lịch Sử


CTĐT Giáo dục Mầm non


CTĐT Sư Phạm Toán


CTĐT Sư Phạm Vật lý


CTĐT Sư Phạm Hóa học


CTĐT Sư Phạm Sinh học